Geologist (WSG) is an important member of the wellsite team, he/she is required to monitor vital operations during the course of the well, make sure that all requirements are carried out, and perform formation evaluation activities to ensure the well is drilled and evaluated in the most safe, efficient manner and cost effective.

Designed for:

Geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, and drilling engineers.

What You learn:

  • Technical Drilling preparation and operation
  • Identification of drilling operations and geological drilling hazards
  • Understanding of logging services
  • Understanding of well testing services
  • Evaluation of drilling reports
  • Description drilling cuttings and cores
  • Reporting

Rumah Quran Daarut Tarbiyah
Rumah Qur'an Daarut Tarbiyah telah berdiri dari tahun 2008 atas inisiasi Ust Fadlyl Usman Baharun (alm) yang sejalan dengan visi misi membentuk kader penghafal & pendakwah Qur’an ke seluruh Indonesia.
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